Parkway youth lacrosse program serving West Roxbury, Roslindale, Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain Massachusetts

Sponsored By:   Dr. Kearstin Thomas, DMD
West Roxbury, MA
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What's the Parkwa Youth Lacrosse web site?
  2. When does the season start & end?
    Parkway Youth Lacrosse starts the spring season in March with weekday practices. Games usually start in the first few weeks of April. The season is over before the public school summer recess, although there are occasional tournament games in late June. Ofen have voluntary indoor practices in gyms in the winter and early spring
  3. When are games?
    All normally scheduled games are on Sundays. Games that need to be re-scheduled due to weather postponements will be played on regular practice days of other Sundays. There?s an end of the season jamboree that's played near the third weekend in June. Three to four games are scheduled in one day
  4. Where are games played?
    Home games are played at the Catholic Memorial Field or the West Roxbury Educational Complex field. Away games are played in the various local towns at their home fields. There are usually a minimum of 4 home games & 4 away games
  5. Where can I watch these games?
    Most towns including Parkway request that spectators stay on the opposite side of the field from the two team benches.
  6. How are teams organized?
    Teams are organized by grades:
    U15: 7th & 8th grade
    U13: 5th & 6th grade
    U11: 3rd & 4th grade
    U9: k-2, 1st & 2nd grade
  7. When is registration?
    Registration for the spring usually takes place in the fall.
  8. How do I register my child?
    On line, linked through our registration page. There is usually one live registration day in November or December where on line registrations can be done and questions can be asked.
  9. How much does it cost? There is a $25 cost to register for US Lacrosse and become a member which includes an insurance umbbrella, subscription to magzine and other thins. There is a $135 fee for parkway Lacrosse which pays for equipment, uniforms, referees,, teeshirts, etc. There is a maximum of $300 per family for this fee
  10. What if I don't have a credit card for the on line registration? Contact the treasurer and arrangements to pay by cash or check can be made
  11. Are there scholarships? Contact a Board for financial hardship assistance. A request in writing will be required. All requests will be kept confidential.  All scholarships must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  12. Are there tryouts?
  13. Are there all-stars?
  14. Are there playoffs?
  15. Are girls alowed to play?
    Girls are allowed to play with the boys at the u-9 and u-11 levels. There are several loacl programs for girls leaugue including Dorchester, Brookline and Charlestown.
  16. What kind of equipment do I need for boys?
    Boys need a lacrosse stick, lacrosse gloves, lacrosse helmet ( white or maroon if possible) , mouth guard, lacrosse shoulder pads, lacrosse arm pads and protective cup. Soccer style cleats ( no metal tips ) are also needed.
  17. What about uniforms?
    Parkway Lacrosse provides a game jersey that must be returned at the end of the season. Parkway Lacrosse  provides game shorts and a practice jersey/tee shirt that the players keep