Parkway youth lacrosse program serving West Roxbury, Roslindale, Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain Massachusetts

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A couple of things to remind all parents so the Games go successfully:
1) Attendance-
  • All players are expected to show up dressed and ready to go at least 1/2 hour before the game.
  • If your player will not be able to attend the game- please notify the coach as far in advance as possible- email addresses are on website- click team and coach name has link to email- if unavoidable last minute- click contacts and call cell phone
  • For road games- maps are on the teams schedule by clicking field on the schedule section- please plan for travel time and allow to arrive ½ hour before- some field directions are also on the directions tab on the left side of the website home page
2) Equipment: Please check before each game- if you can’t fix- arrive earlier to games
  • All players are expected to have all of the following equipment to be allowed on the field
  • Lacrosse stick (make sure all strings are secure and tied prior to each game- each shaft must have a rubber stopper on the bottom
  • Lacrosse gloves
  • Lacrosse helmet including chin strap that fits- please make sure all screws are tight
  • Mouth guard- must have mouth piece in players mouth at all times on field- good idea to have extra’s in parents car glove compartment- coaches do not have extra)
  • Shoulder pads, lacrosse arm pads and protective cup (especially if there is a remote chance of playing goalie). Soccer style cleats are also needed- especially for grass fields like WREC
  • Water- please provide a bottle of water or suitable beverage for your player for all games & practices (good idea to label with name) also ask your player to throw out empty bottles after practice or game
  • Stick Repair service information available on website home-page: Mike Surdek
3) Cancellation
  • In the event of severe weather- practices & game cancellations will be announced as soon as possible- always on the website- usually by email- there is a text message option available via the website- if you haven’t already signed up for that.
  • Lacrosse will generally be played in the rain (unlike other spring sports)
  • Lightning or even the threat of lightning will cause the cancellation or a minimum 30 minute suspension of games- If possible or unpredicted lightning occurs- please have prior arrangements for your child to be picked up as soon as possible
4) Website
  • We try to keep website as current as possible- lots of information available
  • If you need to add email addresses, activate or deactivate text messaging- go to tab on left of homepage; “Parent log into account” tab= enter email & password
  • Forgot your Password? - Enter your EMAIL ONLY and your password will be emailed to that address.
  • As mentioned above- season schedule is listed under each team with links to map of fields. Also coaches & Board of Directors links
  • Always looking for action shots of players- email webmaster with your photo’s- existing photos can be extracted as well
5) Miscellaneous
  • Always need time and scorekeepers at home games- feel free to come early and volunteer – “great seats”
  • Lacrosse balls occasionally venture off the field- please be aware of this and especially be careful of little future lax players in the end zone
  • We have had some success having parents write game summaries and supply pictures to the Transcript- contact coach or Board member if interested.
    • Lacrosse tradition is based on respect- parents should remind your player that respect is required and expected at all times- this includes respect for all referees, coaches from our team & opponents, teammates and opponents. We will have zero tolerance for foul or inappropriate language, taunting, bullying, and fighting.
    • The Parkway Lacrosse has the right to suspend or remove players from the program if any of these issues occur- even 1st offense.
    • We also expect players to respect you the parents- especially when it comes to making time to finish homework if playing lacrosse!
  • FUN
  • Our goal & Mission is to learn the game of Lacrosse and have FUN- positive attitudes and respect help achieve this goal!
On Behalf of the Parkway Lacrosse Board of Directors & Coaches